Sunday, October 08, 2006

Eight Key Points: Part Four and Five (Idolatry and Mary's Sinlessness)

4. Idolatry is abundant in the catholic church. Ofcourse, it isn't fair to say that every catholic is an idolator, but it is seen much more often in catholocism than in the baptist denomination (although I'm not baptist, my church is non-denominational). Mostly we see this happen with statues of saints, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary.
See this post for a thorough response to this charge.
5. It is catholic belief that Mary was pure and sinless. This is why she is often put right next to Jesus in level of importance. As offensive as this may seem to many catholics, she was not pure...but she was the most suitable candidate to conceive our great messaiah. (Romans 3:23)
I assert that she was most certainly pure. For my defense of Mary's sinlessness, see this post.

Now, on to your next point ...

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