Saturday, October 14, 2006

Spirits and Psychics

Piobaire asked the following question in the Q&A board at Phatmass:
I recently met a person who claims to have special "abilities". He claims he can help direct souls who get lost after death to the "light" so that they can be judged by God. How the heck do I respond to this??? My first instinct was to run in the other direction lol. He says he asked his priest about this and was told that it was impossible but he seems hurt. He did say some things about me which were pretty freaky that he couldnt know but I dont want to be sucked in by this. What does the church teach about this? I assume that when a person dies they are automatically judged by God but there have been many stories about evil spirits. Is there such a thing as a person who dies and remains on earth? If so I would assume they are not a good soul. I dont want to alienate him from the church but I want to correct him and make sure he isnt messing with things he shouldnt be and that he doesnt get me involved! It is really weird that out of no where I met this guy who starts up this crazy in depth conversation just as I am about to leave on a discernment retreat at OLAM!
Some say that any souls or ghosts that we would contact in this life can only be evil. Others believe that spirits from Purgatory and Heaven can appear to us as well. Here are some articles that fall on both side of the debate:

--What Are Ghosts?
--Ghosts and Catholicism
--Seven Kinds of Ghosts
--What Spirits Are and What They Aren't

I suggest a healthy skepticism.

Also, the Church does teach that souls receive their judgment immediately upon their death, so there would be no such thing as a soul wondering around awaiting its final resting place. If anything, what we see as "ghosts" are souls who have already received their reward and who are, for whatever reason, making themselves present to us on earth.

I hope that helps

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>G.R.Confidential said...

Wow – what a timely article :)

My coworkers and I just had a brief break room discussion on ghosts – an atheist, a non-practicing cradle Catholic, and myself…
Interesting stuff… and just in time for Halloween!

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haha! :D

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