Friday, November 03, 2006

Blog Update

First and foremost, I finished my paper! It's on the presuppositions of Fr. Raymond Brown. Look for it (and the paper I wrote before it on Biblical fundamentalism) either today or tomorrow. Also, I added a few links to the sidebar as well as a truckload of blog buttons! Why am I addicted to those things? *shrug* Anyway, as you may or may not know, I put alot of work in over at Phatmass, where I am the Apologetics Director. I also maintain the Catholic Defense Directory (which you can also access via the sidebar) and the apologetics board in the Phatmass forum. Well, now you can catch my blog feed on the Phatmass homepage! I'm pretty psyched about the increased exposure and the ability to reach more people with my apologetics. Let me know what I can do to make this blog better!

Pax Christi,
- - -


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