Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Catholic Carnival #95

Ahhh, the smell of cotton candy and carmel apples, of hickory smoke and funnel cakes. That can only mean one thing: You are at the Catholic Carnival. Perhaps somewhere in between the ferris wheel and the $2 ring toss you can find some time to do some people-watching. There are a lot of people at the Carnival tonight, and they are having some very interesting conversations.

Brian and Mike from THEOdyssey were listening to NPR on the way to the Carnival, so they're in the middle of a discussion on the recent NPR series on the rebirth of the right wing in several European countries, and what could account for the influx of Muslim immigrants in Western Europe and the conflict that has been going on in response to the newcomers.

Brandon Peele's head is in a book, particularly Ralph Waldo Emerson essay Nature. Over at GT he gives a review of the essay and its contribution to transcendentalism. He is also mulling over "the three lenses of identity" and how "having" and "doing" relate to "being." He certainly has no time for all this Carnival silliness!

In front of the magazine rack, "cehwiedel" is sharing his thoughts on Time Magazine's recent cover story on the pope and his trip to Turkey (Make sure you get your daily dose of Vitamin B16 today!). Before Time Magazine apologizes for their article, they may want to read Steve Janke's recent post. He explains the difference between being apologetic and being contrite over at Angry in the Great White North.

Beside the magazine rack someone is selling religious education materials. Too bad it's so difficult to figure out which materials are good for your school and/or parish and wish one's aren't. Ian hopes to remedy that. Over at Musings from a Catholic Bookstore he is requesting volunteers to review the religious education materials found on the USCCB's Catechetical List.

As with any Carnival, there are a few ladies walking around immodestly dressed. Sarah R. has a word for them at her blog just another day of Catholic pondering. There she provides some thoughts on the idea of modesty as a guardian of chastity, and the sacredness of the female body.

Eddie Lee is at the Carnival. He hasn't been around in 30 days, but he's back posting at To Jesus Through Mary again, this time with an update on his discernment process. Perhaps Eddie, and anyone else discerning the priesthood, would benefit from a recent post at A Catholic Life. There, "Moneybags" answers the questions "What does it mean to be called to become a priest?" and "What is truly 'the call'?" in a post on the priestly vocation.

While you're at the Carnival, make sure you use your time wisely. Sr Edith Bogue's post Spiderman & What's Really Important over at Monastic Musings is a helpful reminder for us all to properly adjust our sense of time and our sense of values so that we don't miss the spark of the divine image in each person. She also alerts us to the new webpage of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Nothing quite like a peaceful Carnival!

Speaking of peace, "Peace" brought her little sister Gracie to the Carnival. She has a great story about how Gracie came into her life over at Peace! Be Still.

Since this Carnival is a Catholic one, you can expect to find plenty of Marian statues and artwork for sale. Before you buy, read FloridaWife's story of Our Lady of Guadalupe over at A Catholic wife in Florida trying to conceive. She also shares the trailer for a new movie on Our Lady of Guadalupe that is soon to be released.

A Carnival is a great place to spread your views on theology and politics. Just set up a booth and hope that you can sell your message. Of course, there will always be a few misguided individuals in the mix. Vynette Holliday has a booth. She calls it The Race is Run: theocracy, theology, religion.... With this post she would have us believe that "In the Preface to the first volume of his book 'Jesus of Nazareth', Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, captures in a few carefully-chosen words just why the Christian churches have been steeped in idolatry since the time of the Graeco-Roman church fathers." Of course, it's no surprise that the wise pope has been taken out of context. See the rest of the Preface to his book here.

With teachings like that floating around, it's good to have a religion you can count on. At MattHutter.com, Matt talks about why religion matters and how his Catholic faith helped him in a time of crisis. At luminousmiseries, owen swain talks about how he is slowly coming to know the love of Jesus through customers in his store and the eyes of Mary, and how important it is to let God love you. At Deo Omnis Gloria, Jay further affirms the sturdiness of the Faith by explaining the difference between infallibility and inspiration.

While Matt found the Book of Job to be particularly enlightening, Kevin E. Miller found great meaning and importance in the Sunday readings for the Feast of Christ the King. Over at the Heart, Mind, and Strength Weblog he shares some valuable insights on the readings and on the kingdom of Christ. As for Monday's readings, Penitens helps us to see what the first reading (Rev 14:1-3,4b-5) teaches us about faith, on his blog A Penitent Blogger.

While driving home from the Carnival tonight, please keep Tinabell's mother in your prayers. At her weblog, she pays tribute to her mother and remembers the events that lead up to her death. May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Pax Christi,


Laura H. said...

I knew I forgot to do something! Doh...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting us on your carnival!!

Bryan McKenzie from THEOdyssey

Peace said...

hey mr phatcatholic, thanks for posting me! i was poking around on your blog and it's really great. your about you says you live in Steubenville--so did you go to Franciscan U?

much love,

phatcatholic said...

your about you says you live in Steubenville--so did you go to Franciscan U?

Actually, I am going there now. I'm working on my M.A. in Theology and Catechetics.

O=onionboy.ca+luminousmiseries.ca said...

Excellent job hosting. No apology needed.

phatcatholic said...

Thanks everyone!

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