Thursday, November 09, 2006

News and Notes

In an earlier post I mentioned how my blog feed is featured on the front page of Phatmass. Now we can add another website to the list! Adam Janke, the webmaster of Catechetics Online, recently added my blog feed to his frontpage as well. This website is doing big things. In my opinion, there is already no match for it when it comes to truly Catholic catechetical materials online. I dare you to find me a website that even touches Catechetics Online. I am honored to be featured on this website and I look forward to doing my part to make Catechetics Online even better.

That said, it has come to my attention that, for whatever reason, the colors I have chosen for my blog don't come out the same on every computer and that, as a result, my blog can actually be very hard to read. I don't feel that a color change is in order because, on every computer I've ever viewed my blog with, it comes out fine. The only solution I can think of (well, to be more precise, Laura H. thought of it) is for those who are having trouble to view my blog feed instead: So, if the colors on my blog make it difficult to read, go to that link and you should be fine. Let me know if this solution works.

Finally, I added just a couple of links to the "Old War Heroes" section of the sidebar: Pax Christi,

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