Thursday, January 25, 2007

Expanding My Reach

I want my apologetical work, and all the resources I have collected in my sidebar and in the Catholic Defense Directory to be available to every single person alive.....not because I need the ego boost, or the popularity, or the money (well, I do need the money, but that's not why I'm doing this). I do it because I feel that I can be of use to people in the propogation of God's Word and of the Truth of His Holy Church.

I accomplished one small step towards that end today. I am now the blog editor of the Catholic apologetics blog sponsored by I consider this an honor because they only have one apologetics blog that is sponsored by the site and meant to represent the site, and you have to be invited to be an editor of a topical blog. Other editors may be added, but until then, it's just me.

Basically, the content of that blog will come from this blog. So, anything I have ever posted or will in the future post that is specifically apologetical in nature will also be posted at the Stblogs apologetics blog. This is good because Stblogs gets quality content, and you get to have all of my apologetics in one place, instead of mixed in with the Q&A's, theological papers, and other miscellaneous posts and updates that I publish on this blog from time to time. The design is pretty dope too.

Praise be to God for allowing me to reach more people with his Word.

Pax Christi,


Kyle said...

Don't forget to carry the fiddleback chasuble, which gives you +3 traditionalism. Sometimes I like to use the Mace of Tertullian, but the problem with that is while it gives a -2 debuff on all stats for heretics, nearby Pentecostals get +3 enthusiasm, which can really hurt you in the field if they cast the right spells.

Laura said...

I like the neatness of WordPress but I think that blog could use a makeover. Congratulations, my friend. I'm proud of you and happy that you have been 'discovered', so to speak. I pray that the Lord uses you to do many good things.

Tiber Jumper said...

Thanks for the good work you do!
God bless

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