Saturday, February 17, 2007

Catechesis in Your Ear

It's been a while since the last time I gave a formal presentation during the RCIA sessions that I have been helping with. But, last Sunday, I gave two presentations: one was my "witness" about an encounter I had with the devil (no joke) and the other is a catechesis on the first 3 commandments, with a short summary of the last 7 (since they had already been touched upon by the previous speaker).

I was nervous about giving my witness. For one, the RCIA director pushed the date for my witness back at least 5 times. So, that prolonged my anxiety. Also, I had only told one or two people about it, and certainly never a large group. I was also worried that it wouldn't come out right and that I would forget a lot of things once I got up there. But, I felt good about it afterwards. You'll notice that I get a little choked up a few times. What happened on that night was a very overwhelming experience, and as I was telling it, some of those feelings came back to me, chief among them being the utter dependence I had upon the name of Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

With the catechesis on the Ten Commandments, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cover everything I needed to cover in just 25 minutes. I was flipping through the Catechism thinking, "How in the world am I gonna pull this off?" But, I think it was all good. I did it in a little over 26 minutes too, which made me happy. Adam Janke was supposed to do the last 7 commandments, but Rhianna accidentally covered practically his whole presentation when she was talking about sin and temptation. So, instead of belaboring all the points that she made, I just tacked on a little 5-7 minute summary of the remaining commandments after I presented the first 3.

Anyway, here are the files (to download, right click and select "save target as"): Drake has updated the FUS RCIA website, so to listen to all (or, at least, the majority) of the presentations that have been made by the team so far, go here. You can also find my witness and my presentation in the "box."

I hope you enjoy. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Pax Christi,


Anonymous said...

you KNOW I snatched those..I will check them tonight

-Jonny Mac

Laura H. said...

Nick, your testimony is beautiful. I remember this and it was powerful... even for me, just hearing about it. God bless your faithfulness.

phatcatholic said...

God bless your faithfulness

No, no, God bless God's grace and mercy!!

Ron said...


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