Friday, February 16, 2007

Catechesis on Creation and Grace

I added two curriculum units to the "box." The title gives away the content of each one. If anyone is in the business of proclaiming the gospel, or just wants a review of what the Catechism says about creation and grace, you should find these helpful. Note however that they were made with a particular audience in mind, so you may have to adapt these units to your crowd. The first page outlines the demographic of my audience, followed by the goals for understanding and change. The second page is a sketch of the entire unit. Pages three and four are each a detailed outline of one of the lessons from the unit. The final page is a creative handout.

When I first received the requirements for these units, I was like, "Oh, 5 pages, that's not bad." Umm.............yea.........these things take forever to put together. But, I'd like to think that they could be useful somewhere down the road. These are the first curriculum units I've ever done, so there's probably room for improvement. Actually, I'm sure there's room for improvement. Comments welcome.

Pax Christi,

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