Sunday, February 04, 2007

Children and Sacramentals

"Lil Red" asked the following question in the Q&A board at Phatmass:
Does anyone know of a good way to explain the Miraculous Medal, scapular, and Sacred Heart of Jesus to a 5th grader?

I'm getting my niece a duplicate of a necklace I wear. The outside is shaped like a rose (my middle name) and then it swings open to show the MM, a scapular, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

But I would also like a way to explain these three to her that she will understand.

Can anyone help?
What I would tell her is that these three things are symbols of how much Jesus and Mary love her. So, whenever she sees it, or touches it, or feels it against her chest, that can be a reminder to her of the love that they have for her. It should also be a reminder to her to live like Jesus and Mary did, to be the best little girl she can be. Finally, whenever she is sad, she can just squeeze it, or rub it, and it will remind her that Mary is praying for her, that Jesus is always with her, and that everything will be ok. This can also be a way for her to show her love for them.

Pax Christi,

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