Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jesus Christ and the Salvation of Non-Christians: Part 2 (Sort of....)

Well, after my extensive reply to his challenge to show that Jesus is still the way in the salvation of the non-Christian, here was the response I received from "The Apologist":
this is where I will disagree with you, because you are misapplying those scriptures as well as isolating them. Rom 10:14-15 is clear on how people will be save. What you gave me is the actual roman catholic response which saddens me because according to your view the idol worshipping pagan who offends God by breaking the first commanment is going to your heaven. If we go by your view then we do better by not preaching the gospel to the good pagan.

and can you please make your responses shorter. thanks
Do I need to even justify this with a response? I thought this was supposed to be a "debate", ya know, where people provide point-by-point rebuttals?!?! I love it when I spend a lot of time giving a thorough and Scriptural defense of what I believe and all I get in return is 5 minutes worth of thought and a wave of the hand, as if that's supposed to refute everything I have written. How can I "debate" with someone if they aren't going to directly engage anything I say or try to actually prove that I'm wrong?

I'll leave it up to the reader to speculate as to why his response is as lacking as it is.

Pax Christi,


Anonymous said...

You have the problem with people confusing Rahner and Hick; the inclusivist (which the Catholic church affirms) and the pluralist positions. The Catholic Church and most Mainline Protestant churches believe that there is the possibility for a "pagan" who follows God to the extent that he understands Him to be saved even though the pagan is outside the church militant; but that this salvation still comes from and through Christ.

The Pluralist view is that all salvation is open to all in the manner that all roads eventually lead to God with or without Christ. This is probably the position the apologist assumes you hold.

Bryan @ THEOdyssey

phatcatholic said...

If that's the view he thinks I hold, then I'm afraid he did not read my post very closely.

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