Monday, February 26, 2007

Poll-Release Monday #4

I've decided to make every Monday "Poll-Release Monday." So, every Monday you can expect a new poll in the sidebar. This week's poll asks the following question:
  • Which one of these warrior saints is your favorite?
It should go without saying which one of these saints gets my vote! For information on each one of your choices, see the following:As for the previous poll ("Which Catholic belief is the most difficult for you to defend?"), the results were interesting. It appears that you all have the most difficulty with the Marian doctrines:

Mary's assumption into heaven, her perpetual virginity, and her perfect sinlessess can all be difficult to prove at first. I remember that when I first began learning more about my faith, these were the ones I had the most questions about. But, there is a solid defense for all three of these doctrines.

I've made a few blog posts in the past that may be of help: There are also the following entries in the Directory: I hope this will help to further equip you all in your defense of Marian doctrine. It is important that we know these doctrines well, and that we can defend them well. These are, after all, the Catholic doctrines most assailed by anti-Catholics, and there are many erroneous beliefs and misconceptions regarding them. People usually find Catholicism to be much more agreeable once they come to finally understand the Church's teaching on Mary.

It was also interesting to see the number of people who had difficulty defending the ministerial priesthood (6 votes, the second most votes). I would not have guessed that this doctrine would score so high, considering that there is so much more biblical evidence for the ministerial priesthood than there is for the Marian doctrines. At any rate, I have made a few blog posts on this subject as well: There are also the following entries from the Directory: For more information on the priesthood, see Holy Orders and the Priesthood. Of course, if you ever have questions about anything Catholics believe, just let me know. I live to serve.

Pax Christi,


Angela Louise said...


You are awesome. This blog is really a great ministry to us still learning.
Thanks for being so gosh darn awesome. Keep up the most awesome and excellent work.
God Bless you abundantly!

phatcatholic said...

Thanks Angela!!

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