Friday, March 02, 2007

The Fruit of Catholic Apologetics

William Gould just sent me the following email:
Hows it going? I enjoy reading your website, and your amazing apologetics have helped me convert. That was several years ago when you were prowling the phatmass forum, I always paid keen attention with your discussions I am not sure if you remember Brother Adam, but as you two discussed I watched and eventually converted. Thanks!
Catholic apologetics can be tough. It can even get you down sometimes. But, find solace in the fact that, even though the person you are directly engaging seems as if he may never budge, there are also hundreds of "lurkers" who read what you write and are converted by it.

Never lose hope.

Pax Christi,


Little Sister said...

That's such great news to hear! I always remind myself that when I'm not sure of how my life makes a difference, but there is always someone else out there reading what we write, listening to what we say, seeing how we act that stands out, and shows them the light of God.

Auroramike71 said...

Count me in as a lurking revert, Thanks to all of the brave apologists out there!

Anne said...

This is SO TRUE! I see it over and over on the homeschooling forums I frequent. Over and over my Catholic sisters and I correct misconceptions and outright slander of the Church and we are seeing conversions... usually not those who are actively engaged, but those who are reading and lurking. Those come to us later or privately and it is amazing what God can do!

phatcatholic said...


Amber said...

Awesome! Seeds get planted along the way and then, one day, the light just snaps on!

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