Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Catholic Quotations Widget Coming Soon.....

Last night, I finally finished finding good, solid, profound, witty Catholic quotations for each day of the year. It's pretty hard finding 366 quotations that match that criteria. But, I wanted them to be truly meaningful quotations that made you think, or that gave you a new understanding of reality that you had never considered before. That's what a good quotation does: it wakes you up to the true nature of the world that we live in. I think I have found some of the best ones out there. I hope you all enjoy it. All I have left to do is proofread everything, do some slight formatting changes, and then host the java script somewhere. It should be ready within the next day or two.

Pax Christi,


Travis said...

I have my own webserver if you need to host it somewhere. If you need any help, just send me an email, tjboudreaux@gmail.com

In Christ,


Oh, and I vote for this quote:

If you ate only one meal a week would you survive? It is the same for your soul. Nourish it with the Blessed Sacrament.

-- Blessed Andre Bessette

phatcatholic said...

Thanks Travis! I appreciate the offer, but I was able to buy my own domain name (phatcatholic.com coming soon!!) and then host it at my girlfriend's web space.

You're right about that quote. It is a good one. Never read it til just now, so unfortunately it didn't make the cut. I hope you enjoy what did make it in.

Pax Christi,

Micki said...

Just found your site and can't figure out how to get your quotes.
Any help would be appreciated.
I have a "Holy Card" site with words of inspiration and I'd love to read more quotes etc. Thanks.

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