Monday, March 26, 2007

Poll-Release Monday #8

Here is the new poll for this week:
  • Which of the four Gospels is your favorite?
    • Matthew
    • Mark
    • Luke
    • John
To vote, see the poll in the sidebar.

This is an easy one, as far as I'm concerned, but some of you who are less familiar with the Bible may have trouble deciding. To inform your decision, here are the New Advent entries for each Gospel: As for last weeks poll ("Who is your favorite Catholic author?"), we had our own little version of March Madness! It was close until the final minute, when G. K. Chesterton finally eeked out a win. Here are the results:

All those LOTR fans didn't show up nearly as much as I thought they would. Honestly, I was expecting this poll to be a blowout. But that's ok, I like the results. It's good to see that more people are reading Chesterton and being exposed to his thought (assuming this poll be any indicator). He is the master of common sense, and I dare say it's good for every human being to get a good dose of him. Tolkien's trilogy has always been somewhat intimidating to me. I find Chesterton to be much more accessible (Amy is gonna kill me for saying that....).

For more on G. K. Chesterton, go here.

Pax Christi,


Anonymous said...

I've always tilted more in the Luke-ish direction :P
God bless

Anonymous said...

*points vehemently* BLASPHEMY!

And I'm going to marry you...*shakes head*

rhapsody said...

Love Belloc, Chesterton, & Pearce...

Have you read The Three Ys Men, by Joseph Pearce? One of the title characters is based on the 'thinly disguised' H. Belloc, as Yore, the Ghost of Sussex Past...

Definitely a fun one!

phatcatholic said...

I haven't read that one yet. Looks pretty cool tho.

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