Monday, March 12, 2007

Poll-Release Monday #6

The new poll for the week concerns Our Lady:
  • Which "Lady" do you love the most?
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe
    • Our Lady of Perpetual Help
    • Our Lady of Sorrows
    • Our Lady of Good Counsel
    • Our Lady of Fatima
    • Our Lady of Lourdes
    • Our Lady of Peace
    • Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
    • Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
I'm sure there are many others that I did not mention. In fact, I know there are. But, I didn't want the list to get too long. For more titles for Mary, go here.

I'm slowly getting more and more voters with every poll, which is great. Keep it up! Tell your friends! Last weeks poll ("Who is the most quotable Catholic personality?") garnered 51 votes all together. Here are the results:

Chesterton won with 19 votes, followed by St. Augustine (12) and Pope John Paul II (9). I totally agree with the out come of this one. Besides Jesus Christ Himself, G. K. Chesterton is easily the most quotable Catholic individual in the history of the Church, and for many reasons.

For one, his writing style lends itself to quotation. It's almost as if he tries to be clever, to find that one-liner that encompasses everything that the mediocre writer would waste pages trying to say. Also, he is full of wit and common sense. A good quotation has to be spot on, it has to nail the reality of a situation. But, it also has to do it in a way that is witty, clever, or humorous. Those are the quotations that stick in people's minds. Thirdly, you have to be prolific. The only way to inject your widom into the human consciousness is to write, and write often. You have to always be on the people's radar. Fourthly, you have to write well. If you suck, it really doesn't matter how many pages you write. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you have to write for an every-day audience.

That is what I think gives Chesterton the edge over Augustine. While Augustine wrote many words of great wisdom in his lifetime, his status as a theologian someone restricts his impact. Unfortunately -- very unfortunately -- there are still plenty of people who have never read anything from Augustine. But, Chesterton wrote for the "common man." His words appeared in newspapers, and radio shows, and magazines, and of course, books....lots of books that tons of people read every day. And so Chesterton easily becomes the most quotable Catholic personality.

You disagree? Tell me why.

I hope everyone enjoys this week's poll.

Pax Christi,


Laura H. said...

I voted twice. And for two different people. I think you know who they were...

phatcatholic said...

cheater! ;)

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