Thursday, April 19, 2007

Curriculum Unit on the Lord's Prayer

I uploaded three new files to the "My Files" Box at the bottom of my sidebar:
  • Curriculum on the Our Father
  • Pater Noster Handout
  • Short Catechesis on the Lord's Prayer
The first file is a guide for presenting the Our Father in three 45-min. sessions. One criticism I usually receive when I write these curriculum units is that I try to fit too much information into one session, and I don't use enough real-world examples to help my audience better identify with the material. So, note that a truly catechetical presentation will keep these criticisms in mind and try to account for them.

The second file is a handout that you can give to your audience to supplement your presentation(s). It's basically a chart that they can use to learn the Lord's Prayer in Latin. The prayer is divided into short phrases, with the English on the left and the Latin on the right. I think it's good to always expose our young adults to the Latin prayers of the Church. This is our heritage and our tradition, and it must live on in our teaching.

Finally, the last file is basically a short, 3-pg. catechesis on the Lord's Prayer that you would maybe put in a bulletin or send home for the parents to read. It's not technical and it doesn't get into a whole lot of specifics. It's just a simple overview that your average Catholic should be able to appreciate. I will type it out in my next post.

Let me know if you ever use any of the materials in my File Box and find them to be helpful.

Pax Christi,

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