Monday, April 09, 2007

Poll-Release Monday #10

Here is this week's poll: I know that there are a lot of options to choose from in this poll, but the ECF's are just too hard to narrow down. Invariably, someone will see a glaring omission, but what can ya do? I can't very well list them all! To vote, see the poll in the sidebar. Click on each option above for more information about that particular Father of the Church.

As for last week's poll ("Who do you think is our best modern-day Catholic apologist?"), I was blown away by how many people voted. When I unveiled this poll last Monday, I said: "I anticipate this week's poll receiving much more visitor participation than my previous poll." That's an understatment! The Scott Hahn fans came out of the woodwork! Check it out:

On Tuesday, Hahn had 7 votes. On Wednesday, he had 27 votes, and he just kept climbing every day after that. Pretty crazy....but understandable. After all, his books convert people, for crying out loud. Thousands of people have read them and many of those same people attribute their new-found faith in Christ and his Church to this man. He's an amazing individual, I don't care what anybody says.

I was suprised that Jimmy Akin didn't make more of a showing. He was the apologist that I voted for, and for many reasons:
  1. He is more of a true apologist that Scott Hahn is. I consider Hahn to be more of a theologian than an apologist.
  2. He is responsible for a great majority of the content at, which is perhaps the only instrument of God that converts more souls than Hahn does.
  3. His blog is solid as a rock, 24/7, and it's one of the most popular blogs on the internet. As you know, the internet is the new arena for Catholic apologetics, and Akin has a substantial presence there. My own blog is but a meager attempt to follow in his footsteps.
  4. His radio shows are simply amazing. His answers are always right on, and he has a great speaking voice too (as does Hahn).
  5. He's just a cool dude.
Who did you vote for? Why? Leave a comment and let me know. Thank you all for voting. I hope this most recent poll is a sign of further success (...and increased traffic! Tell your friends!).

Pax Christi,


Amber said...

I also voted for Jimmy... I just really like his delivery. He's always calm and he's, like you said, right on target!

BUT, I have to say that my favorite apologist wasn't on the list... My favorite is John Martignoni.

BJ said...

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Laura H. said...

As much as I like Jimmy Akin, I can't stand reading his blog because of the layout. Drives me bonkers. *shrug*

Suzanne said...

I voted for Jimmy for the same reasons you expressed!

Anonymous said...

I have read all these apologists. Scott Hahn is very user friendly. Easy to read, biblical, apologetic without being antagonistic. Dave Armstrong has an amazing knowledge of theology and history, is a pretty good philosopher, but is a bit long-winded. Yet he has provided a great service in being almost alone in answering Orthodox Christian criticisms of Catholicism. Robert Sungenis has done something no English Catholic, as far as I know, has done in 500 years. Written a complete book dedicated to refuting Protestant claims of Sola Scriptura and another to Sola Fide. This is a lot of work and he did it well. The resultant books are long and not easy reads but necessary.

Adoro te Devote said...

Here's my opinion, even so long after the fact:

People may not consider the difference between a "theologian" versus an "apologist".

They are similar, but their focus is different.

I agree; Scott Hahn is a great theologian, and by virtue of his knowledge, he is also a good apologist.

However, Jimmy Aikin, wheras I don't see him as a theologian, I would go to him for simple and easily-understandable explanations which fall under the categories of "apologetics" and "evangelization".

Scott Hahn is more intellectual in his focus; this does not discredit Jimmy Akin in any way. The latter simply has a different method, style, and focus which speaks more easily to the common person.

Nor does my opinion discredit Scott Hahn as an apologist - it simply recognizes him as someone whose focus is more academic.

This is such a great example of the Mystical Body of Christ...

Should I go on? :-)

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