Monday, May 07, 2007

Poll-Release Monday #14

Here's this week's poll question:
  • Should I keep the music player (at the bottom of my sidebar)?
    • Yes
    • No
Maybe I'm just being stupid, but I feel like I'm doing something really radical by having this player. Should I keep it or ditch it? After you vote (the poll is in my sidebar, towards the top), click on the link below the poll and tell me why you voted the way you did.

As for last week's poll ("What is our nation's best Catholic university?"), here are the results:

The results are totally jacked up. Wanna know why?


Please don't cheat people. It's not cool, and it makes baby Jesus cry. I'm trying to figure out what you all actually think about things, and it doesn't help when the results are inflated. Because of the miscreants among us (don't worry, you're not the only one), there's really no point in commenting on the results of the poll. But, I will say how I determine what makes a school the "best" Catholic university in the nation.

This should go without saying, but unfortunately it doesn't. The best Catholic university is the one that is unabashedly Catholic. In othe words, the faculty make an oath of fidelity to the Church, heretics aren't given tenured positions (Marquette) and professors aren't allowed to teach heresy in the name of "academic freedom." If you want freedom, speak the truth. "The truth shall set you free" (Jn 8:32).

The best Catholic university is also the one that fosters a campus life that is truly Catholic. This means that the Sacrament of Confession is provided as often as possible, the Eucharist is available for adoration 24-hrs a day, co-ed dorms are a non-entity, healthy boundaries are established for the students (boundaries that allow them to grow as adults but at the same time protect them from occasions of sin), Marian devotion is encouraged through regular praying of the rosary, and daily Mass is provided. Such a university also does not allow any clubs, or plays, or other activities that are against Catholic principles and that do not belong in the truly Catholic culture that a Catholic university should foster.

Finally, the best Catholic university is the one that is academically challenging. Here, the students are encouraged to truly think, to dialogue with each other and with the professor, to be prepared to stand toe-to-toe with any student from any other university in the nation. The professors must be the ones actually teaching the classes (not teaching assistants) and they should have office hours so that the students can seek their guidance. The professors should genuinely care for their students, and long to seem them grow and mature into thoughtful, professional human beings.

That's what I think a Catholic university should be. Does your school fit the bill? Mine does, and that's why I thank God every day for it.

Pax Christi,


Laura H. said...

I know. I suck. But you knew that so you shouldn't be so surprised... at least I told you! I love you?

phatcatholic said...

Haha, it's all good. When I wrote "don't worry, you're not the only one" that was just for you ;). I seriously doubt that you were the only over-zealous voter ;)

Laura H. said...

I knew it was. *blush* But I felt I should say something anyway.. *blush again* Anyway.. no more voting for me!

RB said...

My College fit the bill...maybe 50 years ago.

What used to be a Marian devoted college (Marist College) last semester had a "controversial" article in the paper over a professor who prayed before class and got a parent all up the wahoo.

Crazy...I try not to get upset since I am due for inner restoration before I engage in its outward expression.

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, I would hope that you don't suspect "cheating" because our votes come in from the same computer. 1 computer w/ 3 users.

For any confusion, my apologies.... honestly never thought anything about it.


Danny Garland Jr. said...

Cheating or not, Franciscan is still the best! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, I chose "I don't know" because "I don't care" wasn't a choice.

I really mean no disrespect by my answer but you asked why people weren't voting. I'm a true fan of the blog but I have very different taste in music.


rhapsody said...

I voted yes because if you & others enjoy it, it's a convenience.

I noticed you like Def Leppard. I saw them in concert last year - they were excellent, & I have some of their music loaded into my mp3 player:)

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