Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poll-Release Monday #16

Here is this week's poll question:
  • Which Catholic prayer/devotion do you like the most?
    • Praying the Rosary
    • Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet
    • Wearing the Brown Scapular
    • Wearing the Miraculous Medal
    • Praying the Stations of the Cross
Make sure you click the link underneath the poll and tell me why. You'll find the poll towards the top of my sidebar.

As for last week's poll ("What is your favorite religions order?"), here are the results:

I think St. Thomas Aquinas is responsible for the popularity of the Dominicans. Very few men have effected the way Catholics think about the world and understand their faith the way Aquinas has. His use of "accidents" and "substance" to describe transubstantiation and the Real Presence in the Eucharist made a profound impact on me when I first learned it. From what I can tell, the Dominicans have effectively continued his work in the world through their teaching, writing, and scholarship (they aren't called the "order of preachers" for nothing). Oddly enough, even one of my teachers here at Franciscan University was a Dominican, and he gave an excellent systematic presentation of the theology of the Church (ecclesiology).

Of course, St. Francis (whose order came in second place) will always be an endearing Catholic figure as well. This man, who loved lepers and the poor, renounced the riches and glory of this world so as to embrace the least of his brethren and spread the Gospel of Christ. Francis was a man singularly devoted to the Will of the Lord and the salvation of souls. In his time, Francis' preaching and his example led hundreds of people from all walks of life to follow him, and he still has that effect today. He was truly a holy man of God.

The orders voted on in the "Other" category were the Carthusians, the Legionaries of Christ, the Cistercians, and the Congregation of Holy Cross. For more information on these and the other five religious orders, see the following links:Pax Christi,


Amy M. said...

Your poll got fat. And I don't mean phat.

Hidden One said...

The Miraculous Medal is the only devotion I have access to, so it's my fave.

phatcatholic said...

dude, if you have ten fingers you can pray the rosary! (and the divine mercy chaplet). you can also pray it online here:

most Catholic parishes can get you a rosary for free. you should try it!

Anonymous said...

The Divine Chaplet hands down - I didn't even know what this was until several months ago, I'd never heard about it but then there was this retreat.....

It just seems so much more real than anything else!


Laura H. said...

I told you the Cistercians were a good one to include! Haha. See.. I do know something after all. :P

Laura H. said...

btw, this week's poll reminds me of a conversation we had lately. it was tough choosing simply because i love stations of the cross. but i find myself praying the DMC more often. i do love stations though and those would probably come in a strong second. of course the miraculous medal is great too and i love it. the scapular comes with liturgy of the hours and we all know how i feel about that. so point is that this was tough but i chose DMC. *thumbs up*

Hidden One said...

If I could get to a Catholic parish... [so very annoying. Not that there aren't any to get to, but my immediate family is Protestant. Partially of the anti-Catholic Calvinist variety.]

However, I did download a program that helps one pray the rosary yesterday, so I hope to pray it tonight/tomorrow for the first time.

[Yes, ten fingers is enough. But only if one knows the mysteries well, has all the prayers memorized (not the Hail Holy Queen in my case)]

Hidden One said...

Wtih the necessary aid of the Virtual Rsoary program, I just prayed the Joyful Mysteries - my first ever praying of even a part of the Rosary. Wow. I feel wierd. It took me about half an hour. (It was a Scriptural rosary, and I prayed indpendently of the rosary between almost every Hail Mary based on what the verse said. Hoe pthat was ok. :p)

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