Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Poll-Release Mon...err, Tuesday!

Yea, Monday was crazy.

First of all, it was my 27th birthday (ugh, I'm getting old). Shouldn't I be married already? Secondly, Monday was also the day that I had to drive back to Steubenville (from my parents' house in KY) because work started on Tuesday (today). Thankfully, we were able to celebrate my birthday on Sunday, but it still would have been nice to just relax on Monday instead of driving almost 8 hours. Because of the drive and all the little odds and ends that I had to tie up before I could hit the road, I wasn't able to blog at all yesterday. Finally, when we arrived in Steubenville (at around 1am this morning) I decided to take Amy to the hospital because her throat was hurting her really bad and she had some freaky white blotches on her tonsils. Come to find out she has "mono." I didn't finally get to my apartment until 4am this morning.

It was a long day.

As for this week's poll, I've decided to keep it the same as last week's poll: Should I keep the music player at the bottom of my sidebar? Only 11 people have voted so far, which is basically an all-time low. What's up with that? Why didn't you vote? Leave a comment and let me know.

I thought that maybe it was because some of you simply haven't made up your mind yet, so I added an "I don't know" option to the poll. But, if would really be helpful if you voted "Yes" or "No", and it would really, really be helpful if you could click the link below the poll and tell me why you voted the way you did. I need to know what you all think about this thing and 11 votes is far from a representative sample.

So, please vote in the poll (in the sidebar, towards the top), and while you're at it, vote in the Blogger's Choice Awards too. My blog is sinking fast and I need your help. Actually, if you want to give me a birthday present, that would be it. Remember, if you voted for other Catholic blogs in the Religion category, you can still vote for mine. Since I've officially beaten this horse to death, I won't say anything more about it, except to announce the final results.

Thanks to my phatmass pham for their best wishes.

Pax Christi,


Laura H. said...

so you didn't like the cupcake? just want to thank phatmass? alright. now i'm not gunna scan your card in...

phatcatholic said...

What cupcake?

Laura H. said...

okay so you cant see the cupcake..but there are candles!! and a message. hurumph.

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