Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So, About Yesterday (Poll #13)

I wish I could post on this blog more. Actually, I wish I was Dave Armstrong and I could just do online apologetics for a living. But, I can't. Sometimes this blog suffers as a result, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it. Life happens.

Yesterday was "one of those days," the kind where you spend the whole day doing everything other than what you would rather be doing....which frustrates me to no end. So, I was unable to give this week's poll an adequate introduction and summarize the results of last week's poll. I'd like to do that now.

This week's poll (see the sidebar) has already received 14 votes and it's been up for less than a day. That's what I like to see :D My apologies to those who voted while I was playing with the voting options. It was difficult to decide which schools to include in the voting, so I had to do a lot of putting in and taking out again before I could settle on a list that I liked. Also, there's an "Other" option where you can type in a school that was not provided and vote for it. Two people voted for "Other" but they didn't type their school in, so I don't know which school(s) got those votes. If you're one of the ones who dropped the ball there, leave a comment and let me know who you are voting for. Finally, I realize that the word "best" can be defined in different ways in relation to Catholic institutions of higher learning. Just give it your best shot, and I'll tell you how I define the word at the end of the week.

As for last week's poll ("What do you think I should add to my blog?"), here are the results:

I was hoping there would be more of a clear winner, but the votes were spread rather evenly. I was also hoping that more people would have voted so that I could have the most accurate assessment of what my readers want, but that didn't exactly pan out either. Maybe most of you are just confused! You don't know what the hell you want! Haha, that's okay. I'll just try to give you what I think you want ;)

It looks like the majority of you want to know more about my life, either by way of my thoughts about every day struggles or by way of random posts about whatever I find interesting, amusing, or stupid. I think that's dope and I consider it a compliment. I'm excited about the idea of opening up more with this blog and giving you all a better idea of who I am. A lot of times, people read all of the scholarly, academic work that I do with this blog and they assume that I'm a saint or a mystic. I'm far from it!! (ask my girlfriend). I may disappoint some of you, but I hope I will also reveal to you someone you can relate with.

Even though 7 of you voted for "commentary on current events," it's going to be difficult for me to make that a regular thing. I just don't think I can pull that off very well. It's not my bag, if you know what I mean. Of course, if something really inspires me, I'll write about it. But, I plan on leaving the bulk of that kind of work to Amy Welborn.

Props and a pound to everyone who voted. I really do appreciate your continued interest in my blog, and I hope that I can continue to make it something that enriches your life. This isn't just some silly thing I do to kill time. This blog really does mean a lot to me.

Pax Christi,


Alan Carter said...

It means a lot to me that you put the time and effort into it. I'm one of the ones who wants to hear more about your life and experiences - as a complement to what you're learning in furthering the faith. So often, its in sharing ourselves - and receiving others share with us - that the most valuable of life's lessons come to us.

You know - I may not always agree, heck many times I don't know enough to agree or disagree - but I ALWAYS appreciate all your hard work.


phatcatholic said...

Dude, you're my dawg, I blog for people like you.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Put my "other" as a vote for Duquesne - Bioethics doctorate in the works!

Raphaella said...

I know my vote probably doesn't count because I'm too old (48), a mother AND a grandmother and the target of your website is the younger generation, but I like you just the way you are. Your blogs are far above others. I even voted for you as best blog.

You may want to lace it with some personal stories, but other than that, please don't change!

Little Sister said...

I'm one of those people who thought they knew enough about their faith, but got into a spot of trouble that was large enough that when I emerged from it nearly a year later I vowed to learn as much about the Catholic faith on my own. So, now I lurk on sites like yours and Jimmy Akin.

However I don't always know enough to comment, other times I get stumped and have to ask questions like the one above.

Regarding the content on your blog. Keep doing what you are, but I've also learned through my own blog(s) that sometimes the more brief/concise yet deep posts about daily life can draw a larger crowd than the intellectual stuff. Perhaps because daily life is something we all experience and struggle with while, the intellectual information is more for learning than it is for relationships.

phatcatholic said...

raphaella............your vote counts too!

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