Thursday, May 24, 2007

YouTube Catholics

Catholic Daily (where I have a daily Q&A column) was recently mentioned in an article in the National Catholic Register on Catholics using online technology to spread the faith. Here's a teaser:
DENHAM SPRINGS, La. — First came the online network informally known as St. Blog’s. Then came the invasion of the Catholic podcasters.
Now it’s “vodcasts.”
The latest innovation on the Internet is the rise of Catholic video podcasts, otherwise known as vodcasts. Through YouTube and other media, Catholics have been able to spread the faith, provide historical footage and draw attention to liturgical abuses.
Denham Springs, La., software developer William Eunice describes YouTube, the Internet video portal that allows users to post short videos online, as a “scratchpad for our culture.”
“The Catholic content gets to the heart of what my Catholic faith is about,” said Eunice, who writes for the website “It’s real information that helps me in my life as a Catholic.”
[You can read the rest here].
I wrote an article similar to this for The Record. It was about the Internet as "the Aeropagus of our time." You can read it here or here. For more information on Catholicism and the mass media, see the following links:
Anyway, it was good to see Catholic Daily get a plug (even if it was indirect). Chris Jernigan and I have been working really hard on it, with many improvements left to be made. Eventually, I hope that it will become a simpler, more streamlined alternative to Catholic Exchange (which I think is way too cumbersome).

Another good idea for a website would be to collect all of the Catholic videos from YouTube that are actually worth something and put them all in one place. A lot of these YouTube videos have "Catholic" as a tag, but I have no clue why. There's also a lot of anti-Catholic videos. I know all about GodTube, but even there the search is tedious. Solid, orthodox, Catholic videos are just hard to find and it would be cool if someone would do all the work for us. In fact, I think I'll make that a summer project. I'll keep you posted.

Pax Christi,


William Eunice said...

I wanted to let you know I appreciate the work you do with CatholicDaily and here (just discovered your blog a month or so ago). I just got my CD bumper sticker so I am hoping whatever little exposure my corner of the universe involves will bring more people to the site and thus to your work.

Keep it up and peace be with you.


phatcatholic said...

Thanks bro!

Angela said...

Lots of awesome Catholic media, including video, comes out of

phatcatholic said...

oh wow, that website is awesome! thanks!!

Javier said...

Congrats on the plug, though I haven't heard anyone calls them vodcasts. I'm one of the podcasters on from the Hands and Feet Show. I just found your blog but it's done very well!

Jason said...

Sounds like a fun summer project... are you going to be looking for people to search through YouTube and Google Video to find stuff? There is also a lot of Islamic stuff and I think it's tagged in ways to intentionally get people who are looking for Catholic videos.

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