Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, I'm finally back and able to post again. Hilton Head was......bitter sweet. It's tough to see my grandmother's struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, and in a vacation destination, the custody of the eyes that one has to maintain every second of the day can be tiring. But, the pool, the ocean, and the jacuzzi were all very relaxing. Food was great. Beer was great. Plenty of cool little outlet malls and places to walk and just chill. It was good to hang out with my dad and my grandfather. And, of course, it was really nice to have Amy there to share it all with.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. Oddly enough, no one had a camera. Kinda sad, but what can you do. I did manage to scan a caricature of myself that one of the local artists drew for me:

I think it was pretty dope. Amy was really happy with it. I like how the artist emphasized certain features while still making it look like me. It's kinda funny too, haha.

Of course, everything happens while I'm away. In case you've been living in a cave, two important Church documents were released: The HCR forum blew up when these documents came out. So, ever since I've gotten back I've been over there trying to clear up some misconceptions and resolve all the confusion. I've never seen a document as misconstrued and misunderstood as the CDF document. It's crazy what people have been saying. While I was at my aunt and uncle's house in Atlanta (we always stop there on our way to Hilton Head), his neighbor came over and was like, "Did you hear about what the pope just said? He came out with a new document saying that if you're not Catholic you're going to hell."


Someone please find me where it says that, especially in light of this paragraph:
“It follows that these separated churches and Communities, though we believe they suffer from defects, are deprived neither of significance nor importance in the mystery of salvation. In fact the Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using them as instruments of salvation, whose value derives from that fullness of grace and of truth which has been entrusted to the Catholic Church”
It appears that a lot of people are spouting off about what the CDF said without actually reading the document first. How about some intellectual honesty, people? Try reading a document before you make conclusions about it. And for crying out loud, never trust ignorant, biased media sources.

In the next few days I will be posting some of my dialgoues over at HCR about the CDF document. I also have some Q&A's in store for you. Stay tuned....

Pax Christi,

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