Friday, July 20, 2007

This and That

Just a few quick notes:
  • Fr. Tom Euteneuer of HLI will be celebrating the televised Masses for EWTN every day this coming week, from Sunday the 22nd of July through and including Saturday the 28th. I look forward to his sermon on the 25th, which is the 39th anniversary of the Humanae Vitae. Also, the day before that, Tuesday, July 24th, he will celebrate his 19-year anniversary of his ordination and will be preaching on the Holy Priesthood.
  • Looks like I get another free book in the mail: Unborn Jesus Our Hope by George A. Peate. It turns out that his wife is a big fan of my blog :D I'm really looking forward to this one.
  • I threw down 20 chucks and upgraded my cbox (see the messenger in my sidebar), so now you don't have to worry about those stupid ads anymore. I have also gained some more functionality, such as the ability to register your username so that no one else uses it. Just click the "Profile" link in the bottom, right-hand corner of the cbox.
  • My car currently makes the loudest grinding sound you've ever heard in your life whenever I break. I'm taking it to the mechanic today, so please pray that I can get it fixed without totally breaking the bank.
  • Poll-Release Monday was postponed because of my vacation, but it will be back again this coming Monday, so stay tuned.
That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

Pax Christi,

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