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More Art as Servant

You may recall that, a while back, I made a post about a drawing by David Myers of St. Michael the Archangel. Well, I dig the guy's artwork so I'm posting some more pieces from him, along with the description he provides for each one. His depiction of St. Francis and the Crucified Christ is my favorite. For more of his artwork, go here. To order prints or to commission an original, go here.

Pax Christi,

ps: If your resolution isn't set to 1024x768 then the layout for the artwork and the descriptions may not look right.
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This drawing was a happy find among things that my wife and I were unpacking as we moved. I drew it probably about two to three years ago. I had seen a mother holding her child at Mass, smiling at him and holding him close, and immediately thought of Mary and Jesus. I thought that it would be beautiful to portray their joy in each other.

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"Most High, glorious God,enlighten the darkness of my heart,and give me right faith,certain hope,and perfect charity,wisdom and understanding,Lord, that I may carry out your holy and true command.Amen."
- Prayer of Discernment before a Crucifix, by Saint Francis

My dearest friend among men, Brother Gregory Plow, T.O.R., will take the solemn vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience this weekend, to become a fully professed friar of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis. This drawing is a small thanks to God for His Benediction, and to my friend for his intense charity, and his "YES!" to God's calling.

Brother Gregory is one of the most incredible human beings that I know, and there is no one else that I know personally who more fully reflects in his own life the charism of Saint Francis. I know no other person who, on reaching Brother Gregory's years, has been able to keep so untarnished a youthful optimism and zeal for life and for others.

As I behold this completed drawing, I think of my friend, who has continued to become more and more the friend of Christ. For me, this drawing speaks to that friendship and intimacy with God that each of us should strive for. I know that Our Blessed Lord, and Gregory's spiritual father, Saint Francis, embrace him today, as he commits himself in a new and profound way to the work and person of Christ.

"The Lord be between me and you forever." - 1 Samuel 20:42
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I hope that you will enjoy this new portrait of St. "Padre" Pio, the "Miracle Worker" I have just completed. For those who do not know a lot about St. Pio, please visit this link - St. Pio was a true miracle worker of the 20th Century. He's pretty incredible.
"Pray, Hope, and don't worry." - St. Pio

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This is a drawing I am immensely proud of. It is a tribute to "the Divine Michelangelo," the great genius of the Italian Renaissance. Here he is depicted carving the 17 foot tall statue of David, his greatest (with the possible exception of the Pieta) achievement in sculpture. I hope that this will be the first of many such tributes to the great masters, whose works do not cease to inspire, but rather grow in their power to awe with the passing of each generation. Many sculptors and carvers may cringe at my depiction (the marble rock was done completely from imagination, and Michelangelo would certainly have used a scaffold rather than a ladder to move around his gigantic subject), but the desired effect here is dramatic rather than precise. May God give us a new renaissance(rebirth) in art, especially art in the Church.
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A very dear friend of mine was ordained to the Priesthood two Saturdays ago, and this image is for his thank you cards. The drawing of St. Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch was commissioned for his holy cards, and I think that he was pleased with them. I was glad that I was able to find an image of him actually receiving the impostion of hands by our bishop, but, as the photo I had was very fuzzy, a good likeness of the bishop was impossible. Anyone who knows my friend, now a priest, will probably recognize him here however.

"How shall I repay the goodness of the Lord to me? The cup of salvation I will take up, and call upon the Name of the Lord..." Psalm 116:12-13

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David Myers said...


Thanks Nick! Just when I was worrying no one was looking. I'm glad you like the work. It has been hard to get a lot of work done lately, as my wife and I just moved to a new town, but I'm hoping to be back up and running soon. Hope you liked the new newsletter. Thank you for your support - it means more than I can say to know that my work is viewed and appreciated by friends. Your website is rich and informative, and I look forward to visiting it as many times as I open my own!

Peace in Christ,

David Myers

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