Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sinning with Impunity

Today's Catholic quotation is ingenious:
"If you find a place where God is not, go there and sin with impunity." —-St. Anselm
Does anyone know the source for this quote? I love it. It's such a creative way of making the point that God sees all, and even the sin you commit in your closet is known by Him. I imagine Anselm saying this in response to someone bragging about having gotten away with murder, or stealing, or adultery, or some scandalous sin. A wise man can put a person in his place with one sentence, and I have no doubt that Anselm had that ability. I also have no doubt that the person to whom he said this walked away with his tail between his legs. That's what you get for assuming that you can ever break God's laws and get away with it.

Pax Christi,

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japhy said...

You could try looking for it here.

There's actually another online portal of English translations of most of St. Anselm's works, but I can't find it right now...

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