Friday, September 14, 2007

Arinze in My Backyard

As is most fitting for today, the Feast of the Trimph of the Holy Cross, Francis Cardinal Arinze is in Steubenville, OH today to bless the cornerstone of the new Triumph of the Cross cathedral, which will be the new home for the combined congregations of 6 different parishes that will be closing soon. The blessing is scheduled for 4pm today. I'll be there, that's for sure.

I've heard mixed reviews about the architecture of the cathedral, and quite frankly, it's a little hard for me to get a good impression of it by looking at blueprints. Here are several pictures of the cathedral. Hopefully someone with a better eye for this sort of thing can tell me if this looks like a well-constructed, theologically-appropriate building (yes, church architecture does project the philosophy and theology of the builders). Click on each image for a larger view.

One thing I notice is that the pews seem to come around the altar area too much, (yes, "altar area" is the technical name for it, haha), which emphasizes a more communal celebration of the Eucharist instead of one where the priest is the primary celebrant. What else do you all see that you like or dislike? Where's Michael Rose when you need him?

For more about the cathedral and the visit from Arinze, see the following links:Pax Christi,


Laura H. said...

doesn't st peters have pews on the other side of the altar? (clearly ive never had the privilege to go)

Laura H. said...

also, where is the organ in this church? and while im asking questions, what are those little boxes behind the altar? i dont know what those are supposed to represent.

Little Sister said...

It looks much better than the monstrosity and momunment Mahony has built to himself here in Los Angeles, that's for sure!

Matt1618 said...

yeah, it looks like they're trying to have a church "in the round" and in cruciform at the same time. you should ask the guys at The New Liturgical Movement what they think. oh, and have you been following Bishop Conlon's cool (to put it charitably) response to the motu proprio over at Fr. Z's blog?

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