Sunday, September 09, 2007

As for Poll-Release Monday....

I have decided not to do a new poll for this week. Last week's poll still doesn't have very many votes, and I want to get a better idea of which option you all like the best. SOOoooo......Go vote! (it's in the sidebar, silly!), and don't forget to check back next Monday for a new poll.

Pax Christi,


Christina said...

I only voted because I want a new poll for next week. As far as I’m concerned your blog has great content, but a bad color scheme. The large letter is fine, but I think the large letter should be a different color. Unfortunately I can’t think of any color that would work because of the previously mentioned issue.

But then again, it’s not my blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that make (2) votes against the large gray letters? I agree - the content is most important and awesome.

Seems I may have actually started a new poll last week!


phatcatholic said...

I agree that the content is more important. But, people are less likely to return to a blog if they don't like to look at it.

Christina said...

In reply to your comment on my blog (which I really need to get google to stop putting in my spam folder), I dislike brown and gold together.

Keep in mind that it's not like I'm the final authority and it's not like my blog has the best color scheme either. I know why you chose the colors and you did a great job matching them to the image.

As for your worry about people not returning, the content is so good that I continue reading despite the asthetic pain I feel ;)

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