Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Books Make Me Happy

Today was the first day of the campus library's book sale. I cherish days like this. Hardback books: $3. Softcover books: $1. You can't beat that with a stick!! I even skipped the first half hour of my second class so I could get down to the library before all the good books were taken (all the theology books get snatched up in like 3 milliseconds). Thankfully, my truancy paid off. Look at what I was able to get for a grand total of $19: SWEET!! I was so stoked, especially about the 2-volume Scripture commentary. TAN publishes it in one volume, but its about three times more expensive than what I paid for it ($6). Plus, I love collecting solid, Catholic Scripture commentaries. That and blogging are probably my two major hobbies.

The book on Pius XII is also really cool b/c the editor basically scoured the pope's writings and addresses and grouped different paragraphs and sections categorically. So, for example, if I want to know what Pius XII taught about birth control, I can just turn to page 117 and there's 5 pages from his Address to Obstetricians. If I want to know what he taught about sports, I can just turn to pg. 194 and there's several paragraphs from two different Addresses to Youth of Catholic Action. Pretty cool.

If you're wondering why I got the Sower's Seeds book, it was because in catechesis it's good when you can tell a story that illustrates a particular doctrine. It makes it easier for your audience to see how the doctrine relates to their every-day lives. This book is basically filled with stories like that and it was written with catechists and teachers in mind. So, I thought I could put it to good use.

There, I'm done making you feel jealous now ;) For some great books you can read online, see the "Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword" Section towards the bottom of my sidebar.

Pax Christi,


revprodeji said...

man, I should give you my book-want list and see what they have. I would pay you.

I love book sales!!!

God's Child at Work & Play said...

jealousy ... a reason for Confession tomorrow evening. Where do you find time to do all this reading?

phatcatholic said...

"jealousy ... a reason for Confession tomorrow evening."

Who's going to confession, you or me? ;) I was just jokin about the jealousy thing.

Where do you find time to do all this reading?

I don't really. I just like having them and I figure I'll get to them all eventually :D

Christina said...

Isn't it a sin to purposefully make others drool over their keyboards?

Every year the local library in my town holds a book sale where they sell books for a few bucks or less. Every year my friends come by and tell me about all the wonderful things they found there, like all the documents for Vatican 2 one year.

Every year they ask "did you go?" Every year I say "no, is it going on (next weekend/tomorrow/today)?" Every year I find out that I'VE MISSED IT!! It's horrible!

Ah well, I figure it's the Lord's way of telling me to read the books I do have. For I do the same thing you do, collect them all and "some day" I'll read them.

Laura H. said...

I'm jealous. :( All my books are $10.00+ around here...

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