Sunday, September 09, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 9/10/07

The goodness of God is so great that often He gives a taste of the sweetness of His divinity to those souls who serve Him, offering numerous graces and favors that we must never forget. On our part we should remember the bitterness, the abuse and the sorrows that the glorious saint, Nicholas of Tolentino, whom the Church commemorates today. After wholly renouncing the world and having crucified himself with Christ, at the hour of his death he asked that the wood of the holy cross be brought to him. Seeing it, he exclaimed, "O holy cross, so ardently desired ... I salute you, precious cross, upon which one may sail the sea of the world to arrive at the port of eternity." And in truth, to make sure of our eternal salvation, there in no better way than by means of the cross.
-- Sermons 34; O. IX, p. 353

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