Thursday, September 06, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 9/6/07

Just as it is an impious effrontery to attribute to our own will the holy works which the Spirit inspires us to perform, so it is braze-faced impiety to want to attribute our lack of cooperation to a failure of grace or of heavenly aid. The Holy Spirit proclaims everywhere that we bring about our own perdition. He desires nothing more intensely than that we allow that fire to be enkindled in our heart which the Savior brought down to this world. The sacred text also tells us clearly that God does not want anyone to be lost, but wills that all should be saved. [cf. 1 Tm 2:4] Our Savior came into this world that all may become His adopted brothers and sisters.
-- T.L.G. Book 4, Ch. 5; O. IV, p. 228

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