Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Feature for Phatcatholic Apologetics

Thanks to the graciousness of Fr. Michael S. Murray OSFS and the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales (Wilmington-Philadelphia Province), I present a new freature of my blog:

Each day I will post a different selection from the writings of St. Francis, as they appear in the book Every Day with St. Francis de Sales, edited by Fr. Francis J. Klauder (purchase here). I think his priceless words of wisdom will be a great addition to my blog, and I hope that this will be something that you all will look forward to reading, perhaps before you start your day. I may post my thoughts on the day's selection from time to time, but for the most part I want St. Francis to just speak for himself and for each listener to be effected by St. Francis in his or her own way.

Here is today's selection:
September 4th:
"My God, could there be any greater blindness than ours? Full of miseries and vileness, we want to appear and to be esteemed as someone really important! It is our self-love which so blinds us! God grants us a wonderful grace when He enlightens us to know our abjection, because the knowledge of our miseries and defects is a sign of conversion of heart. Anyone who wants to know himself does not want to be esteemed. If he is considered imperfect and treated as such, he is not upset. He has been cured of his blindness." (Sermons 38; O. IX, pp. 408-409)
Pax Christi,

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