Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nicknames Are Waaay Cooler

I realized today that my blog needs a nickname, some type of shorthand way of referring to this place without having to say "phatcatholic apologetics" every time. It's just too much of a mouthful as far as I'm concerned. Fr. Z just turned his blog title into an acronym (WDTPRS) for easy reference. Thomas Peters calls his blog Amp, which I think is particularly clever. Now it's my turn.

Leave a comment on this post and give me your suggestions. I'm going to place a link to this post at the top of my blog as well so that we can get plenty of entries. Once we have a few, then we'll vote on them in the next poll. Personally, I think "phatcap" might be pretty cool. It's a nice little combination of all three words in my title.

But anyway, this is your blog too, so let me know what you would like to call it.

Pax Christi,


Cure of Ars said...


Or maybe Nicholas at Nite??

Or maybe just Phat Cat?

That's the best I got

Amy M. said...

I like phatcat, or phattyblog, or maybe phatagetix!

Too complicated? Hmm...

Joyful Catholics said...

PHAT-SO? just a thought. : ) The question mark makes it intriguing and compelling to answer the questions others have and to also question you for answers....

It's early and I've only had one cuppa joe.


japhy said...

PCA! (Oh, wait... Presbyterian Church in America... nevermind.)

I like PhatCat, as has already been suggested.

Cure of Ars said...

The Armory

I think it fits your side bar. Anyway, what do I have to do to get my blog on your Comrades list?

revprodeji said...


yea, just say that.

Matt1618 said...

I like phatcap man. Imagine this: One awesome Steuby grad turns to another as they walk the halls of *insert grad school or diocesan chancery here* and says "Hey, have you read Phatcap today?" "Yeah, man, that tombstone was wicked"

Micki said...

This probably won't be apprecited but although there are many nice suggestions (my preferance is phatcat) I would vote to keep phatcatholic. I like the fact that "catholic" is visible...new readers might not jump on phatcat readily...although you might then attract some "cool cats" out there in blogdom. :-)

phatcatholic said...

Well, I'm not changing the name of my blog or the title in my header. I just want to come up with a name that I can use when I'm referring to my blog when I'm writing.

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