Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Poll-Release Mon...err, Tuesday! (#29)

Yea, I know, the poll never happened yesterday like it was supposed to. I just got too frustrated with it. I wish I knew CSS and Photoshop better, or that I had a little web design genius that I could carry around in my pocket and then take out whenever I needed help with this stuff.

Basically, my blog is all color-coordinated now, except for the poll. I tried to find another poll, one that would give me more freedom with the style of the poll, but there really isn't a poll service with as many features as Polldaddy. It's the best one out there. So, I'm tryin to work with what I have, and there's even an option to create your own style, but cmon, I can't make something from scratch. I'm not that good. For people like me, you can also load a template from one of the preset styles and fiddle with that. That's what I was trying to do yesterday.

Come to find out, these polls are made of several different little images that all come together like a puzzle to make the poll look the way it does. So, CSS doesn't really control much. In order to change the color (from shades of blue to shades of black or gray), I have to open each image in an image editor and change the color that way. It's just a big pain, and until I can find the time and the know-how to do it, the poll will have to remain in it's little corner, bugging the hell out of me.

Now that I've vented, here is this week's poll question. Actually, we have two polls for this week (even more annoyance! I like to torture myself...):
  • What do you think of the new sidebar (with sections that expand and collapse and some of the content moved to the header of the most recent blog post)?
    • I like it
    • I don't like it
    • It's not that I don't like it, I just like the previous sidebar better
    • It's not that I don't like the concept of sections that open and close, I just don't like the colors that you chose.
I tried to give you more options this time around, to account for more nuanced opinions :D Since I changed the background I want to know what you think of that too:
  • What do you think of the background?
    • I like it
    • I don't like it
    • It's not that I don't like it, I just like the foggy forest better
    • Make up your mind already!!
Fortunately, I think I've finally settled on something. I hope you all like it.

Now, as for last week's poll ("What should the nickname be for my blog?"), here are the results:

As much as I attempted to sway the vote, you all decided you liked "phatcat" better. I think you did it just to spite me ;) But, it's all good. I think I can roll with that. "phatcat" it is ;) Maybe I'll call my readers "phatcats" :D And if you like the blog, you can join the "phatcat phan club"! I'll try not to get too carried away....

Pax Christi,


Michele Peate said...

Honest, I thought Phatcat sounded the best but I'm one of your older readers so maybe you should have discounted my vote.I really wasn't voting to spite you - in fact, I almost voted to please you but then my Christian honesty won out in the end.

In the future you can take a slogan from the sixties and turn it around - 'only those under 30 trusted.' If you didn't have the old people like me voting you might have gotten the results you wanted.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for old people!

Ok we (the 3 of us) only voted once so we wouldn't mess your poll up but one additional comment from the girls is "yuck" to your current background . . .

Consensus here is a request to please bring back the foggy forest - it was kinda cool, just please get rid of this one!


phatcatholic said...

Michele..........don't worry, it's not that big of a deal. I'm cool with how it turned out. And I certainly welcome "old people" to my blog to and I appreciate their votes :D

Ryan.........I'm sorry you all don't like the background, man. I really dig it, but I guess we'll see what the poll results are.

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