Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Them Be Fightin' Words

As if I didn't have enough sections in my sidebar already, I decided to add another one. In keeping with the warfare theme of my blog, it's called "Battle Cries," and it contains links to popular Catholic quotations. You'll find it after the "Soldiers" section, towards the bottom of my sidebar.

I like this section b/c it's another way to help people engage in "indirect apologetics," or the practice of defending the faith in ways that are more subtle and that help your interlocutor to let his guard down. Movies, music, artwork, and poems all have a similar effect. Things like this are helpful in an RCIA setting or with a youth group, when your audience is not intellectually mature enough to grasp finer theological concepts or when the setting is not appropriate to get into an actual debate.

Often times one witty and insightful quotation can explain in a couple of seconds what would take most people an hour or so to try to articulate. That's the beauty of a good quotation. It always says a lot with a little, and it always makes you think. We need moments like that if we are going to touch people's hearts and minds and convert them to Christ.

I hope you all will put this section to good use, even if it is for your own personal edification. Also, don't forget to check out the "Daily Catholic Quotation" section at the top of my sidebar as well as the daily quotation from St. Francis de Sales.

Pax Christi,

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Cure of Ars said...

This is a good idea. It would be even cooler to have the quotes organized in topics so that people can find the quotes when need. It could get ugly with the amount of quotes and topics but I think it could be done. Maybe make a blog just with indirect apologetics quotes and just use the labels to organize them. Get a few people who are into apologetics to add quotes when they come across them. I would be willing to collaborate with you on this. Just an idea.

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