Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 10/16/07

Live totally for God and for the love He has poured out on you. Put up with all your defects. Being a good servant of God does not consist in living in the midst of consolations and delights, without any dislike or repugnance for the good. If that were the case, neither Saint Catherine of Siena nor others would have served the Lord worthily! To be a good servant of God means to have a great love for your neighbor; to have an inviolable resolution to follow the Divine Will; to have a deep humility and simplicity in trusting God and in being able to rise from your falls. It means having patience with yourself in your daily failings and peacefully tolerating your neighbor with all his or her imperfections.
-- Letters 409; O. XIII, pp. 313-314


Christina said...
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phatcatholic said...

Haha, looks like I did the 15th after all, so there's no need to add it here too, w/ the 16th :D I made the changes.

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