Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 10/22 -- 10/23

For some reason I keep forgetting to post the DWDS. I'm sorry about that. Here are the selections for yesterday and today.

Pax Christi,
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October 22:
Oh, how happy are those who keep their hearts open to holy inspirations! They never lack anything conducive to a devout life. According to their condition, they thus advance in holiness. Now, if we do not resist grace, God will also supply us with opportune inspirations to live, to work and to progress in the spiritual life. (T.L.G. Book 8, Ch. 10; O. V, pp. 91-92)

October 23:
Know that the virtue of patience is the one that more than any other insures our perfection. We should practice it with our neighbor, but we should practice it still more with ourselves. Those who aspire to pure love of God have not as much need to practice patience with others as with themselves. To acquire perfection, one must not look for temptations but simply tolerate them with patience; humility is reinforced with this tolerance. We must face the truth: we are poor people who cannot do much good, but God, Who is infinitely good, is quite happy with the little good that we do. (Letters 190; O. XII, p. 203)

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Robin said...

Thank you for posting Daily with DeSales. Oct 22 is appropriate for me today. I recently discovered your website and could spend hours (if I had the time) going to all links to everything. I am a cradle catholic who has become disenchanted with the church. In a round about way, I am trying to talk myself into going back to the catholic church. How am I doing this, you ask. Well, in the course of doing a novel challenge, I am using it to convert the main character to Catholicism, which will also give me a refresher course and convince myself. My question for you is (since I am overwhelmed by all the choices on your site) what book(s) would you recommend I read that will convince me to come back. God has inspired me to join this challenge and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Robin of mytwoblessings

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