Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 11/18 and 11/19

November 18:
Keep correcting some fault in yourself, but do not do this through coercion but through love, just as those who delight in in going camping bring with them trees from their own garden. Without doubt the Lord will supply what is missing to keep you close to Him, so long as for your part you love Him alone and seek to follow Him alone.
-- Letters 837; O. XV, pp. 319-320

November 19:
Let us make a firm decision to serve God with all our heart and with all our life, but let us not worry about tomorrow. Let us concentrate on doing good today. When tomorrow comes, it will also be called today, and so we will have to think of it as such. In all this, however, it is necessary to have great confidence and resignation in the Providence of God. We must provide ourselves with manna for today and nothing more. We must have no doubts; God will make it rain tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on, for all the days of our life.
-- Letters 190; O. XII, pp. 205-206

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