Saturday, November 03, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 11/3/07

Follow the example of Saint Bernard and repeat those well-known words of his: "What is your mission in this life? What does God want from you?" Then abandon yourself totally to His Divine Will. Let Him carry out His plan in you. Let Him dispose of you as He wishes without any reserve whatever! Have a sincere devotion to the holy virgin and to your guardian angel. Finally, remind yourself that, as a superior, you need more humility to command than to obey! Be careful not to be too meticulous in all that you have to do. Only have the right intention to act for the love of God and for His honor and glory! Keep strictly to this resolution; never desire to do anything that is not for God or which could be viewed with displeasure by Him.
-- Letters 40; O. XXVI, p. 344

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