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Defending Priestly Celibacy: Part 2

Here is Part 2 in my debate in the HCR forum on priestly celibacy, this time in response to "Devin". Also see Part 1.

Pax Christi,
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Paul was a apostle not a pastor. so we have to keep that in mind because we cant use him as an example.
I've never heard that argument before. How do you define "pastor"?

1st timothy 3
[. . .]
that scripture speaks about the deacons and bishops being married. i do believe it is a requirement of pastorship.
No it doesn't. Read the passage closely. If a pastor has to have a wife, then by the same logic, he also has to have children. What then shall we make of a pastor who is married, but doesn't have any children yet (perhaps b/c they are not financially secure enough to raise a child, or b/c his wife is having trouble getting pregnant)? Or a pastor who has deceased children? Should we ban them from being pastors? I don't think you realize the implications of what you are saying. Of course, this would also mean that Paul is contradicting himself, as I have already noted.

in catholicism(and this is my issue here)the priests are FORCED to be celbant.that is not a Biblical practice.marriage is to be if im wrong here then perhaps Phatcatholic can clear that up.
Like I said before, no one is forcing anything on anyone. Instead, the Church is choosing only those men who have been given a particular gift from God.

As for not honoring marriage, it's peculiar to me how the Catholic Church can be accused of that, considering that She is one of the few churches left that still considers marriage to be a sacrament, and that still condemns divorce and remarriage. Protestantism scratched off marriage from the list of sacraments during the Reformation, and an increasing number of Protestant churches allow their members to divorce. The Catholic Church is also one of the only Christian voices that has consistently, throughout her entire history, defended monogamous marriages and rejected same-sex marriage. I've seen polygamy defended on this very board. So, it seems pretty silly to me to say that the Catholic Church does not honor marriage.

Pax Christi,

PS: Also see Part 3.

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