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Defending Priestly Celibacy: Part 5

Here is Part 5 in my debate on priestly celibacy. After I made my last response to "Devin," someone else by the name of "fromdeathtolife" chimed in. So, this post is my response to him. Part 6 is another response to Devin, who was reacting to what I had written to "fromdeathtolife." I hope that makes sense. Also see Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 (or just peep the original thread for yourself).

Pax Christi,
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I'm not sure why the Catholic church only chooses celibate men for the priesthood.
Read 1 Cor 7.

Phatcatholic, I appreciate your dialog on this issue very much. I think the Catholic church should reconsider this extreme requirement for the priesthood. With the gift of singleness not being very common among believers I think it is unwise to have such a strict requirement for the priesthood.
While it is true that marriage is the common vocation, men are being called to the priesthood every day. We shoudn't simply do away with celibacy simply b/c it is not as common as marriage, especially since Jesus specifically said that God calls certain men to live that life (cf. Mt 19:11-12) and Paul considers it the preferrable state (cf. 1 Cor 7, particularly vs. 1, 7-8, 17, 26-28, 32-35, and 38).

If a priest decided to get married to another believer because he did not have the gift of singleness I do not know why that should be grounds to remove him from the priesthood.
Well, there is no need to remove anyone of anything as long as the priest goes through the proper channels with which to remove himself.

The Church chooses as priests those individuals who are the most suited for the task, since it involves a life-long commitment to the Church (and to Her alone) and the responsibilities are many. The tradition in the Roman Rite is to side w/ Paul and decide that those most suited are the ones who are single. If a priest discerns that he was not given this "gift of singleness" like he thought he was then this means that he was not the most suited for the task after all. The honest, responsible thing for him to do then is to step down from the priesthood, instead of living a double life and forcing the Church to step in.

I hope that makes sense.

Pax Christi,

PS: Also see Part 6.

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