Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 12/17/07

We always want this thing or that thing, and even when we have Jesus Himself in our breast we are not satisfied. Yet He is all that we could possibly desire...At the birth of the Savior the shepherds heard the songs of the heavenly spirits, but Sacred Scripture does not say that they were heard by the Madonna and Saint Joseph, who were closer to the little Babe. Instead, they saw the Divine Child trembling with the cold, His eyes bathed in tears! And what do we prefer--to stay in that dark stable which echoes with the cries of the Babe, or to be outside listening with the shepherds to the angelic choirs? Certainly we should choose the former, because it is better, even in the darkness to stay close to Jesus.
-- Letters 359; O. XIII, pp. 202-203

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