Friday, December 21, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 12/21/07

Sweet-smelling ointments are not left exposed to the air, because they would begin to lose their fragrance...and so their value. Just souls, afraid to lose the worth and value of their good works, preserve them, not in a common box, but in an alabaster vase such as is used for precious ointments. This alabaster vase is holy humility, within which (as in a golden vessel), we must enclose our virtues and all that would make us esteemed by others, to seek only to please God. Consider St. Joseph. He not only received a very great measure of all the virtues, a reflection of those practiced by the most holy virgin, his wife, but also had a divine treasure, the Infant Jesus, His Lord and Master, Who had been entrusted to him....He was His foster father and the spouse of His mother; yet he kept himself hidden, kept a low profile, so as to appear as an ordinary man.
-- Spiritual Treatises XIX; O. VI, pp. 363-364

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