Thursday, December 27, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 12/27/07

The beginning of good deeds is good, their progress is better, and their completion is the best of all. However, the beginning is good insofar as it is a beginning, and the progress is good in its character as progress, whereas to wish to complete the work at its beginning or during its progress is to reverse the order...It is very praiseworthy to make a start at learning, but a person who would start without the intention of ever finishing would go against all reason. Fear and the other motives for repentance of which we have spoken are good for the beginning of Christian wisdom...but one who would deliberately wish not to arrive at love or at perfect sorrow would not be acting according to the order established by God...
-- T.L.G. Book 2, Ch. 19; O. IV, pp. 152-15

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