Saturday, December 29, 2007

Daily with De Sales: 12/29/07

I never think of eternity without a great deal of tenderness, because I reflect: How can the soul ever extend its thoughts to such infinity unless it has some possibility of attaining it? Certainly the power that aspires to an object must have some reasonable relation with it. When I am aware that my desire turns toward eternity, I am very pleased, knowing quite well that I can never strongly desire anything that is impossible. From my very desire, therefore, I am assured that I can reach a blessed eternity...and what else remains for me but the hope of possessing it? This is assured me by the knowledge I have of the infinite goodness of God; He would not have created a soul capable of thinking of and longing for eternity if He were not willing to give it the means of arriving there.
-- Letters 647; O. XIV, pp. 395-396

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