Sunday, December 02, 2007

Reading that Is Justified

A frequent reader recently emailed me the following question:
I don't have much free time but I would like to do some deeper studying in the areas of "Justification" and the Catholic view of the atonement. I've read a great many articles on the two subjects but would like to go deeper. I would like to go deeper in Catholic Theology in general, but specifically in these two areas. Can you recommend some books that are not too scholarly, but not a easy, popular read as well?
Thank you for your question. Just off the top of my head, here are three books that I would recommend:I'm sure there are many other books that would be helpful as well. Perhaps my readers can suggest some more (hint, hint). At any rate, those three should get you started.

I enjoy your blog and appreciate the work you do, it has helped me form a "Catholic Mind", for that I am indebted to you and many other bloggers. I'm sure your busy, but if you get a chance to e-mail back, I sure would be grateful.
No problem, bro! I'm glad that you have been able to benefit from my blog. May God bless your journey to know Him and His Church more fully during this season of eager anticipation of His coming.

Pax Christi,


Becky Clare said...

Another great book concerning Justification is "Not By Faith Alone" by Robert Sungenis.

God bless+
Becky Clare

phatcatholic said...

Yea, I thought about that book. "How Do I Get to Heaven?" is a condensed version of it, so I suggested that instead.

funkytown said...

Those are good books, but I wouldn't read anything by Sungenis after Not By Faith Alone. He's gone off the rails. Very sad really.

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