Wednesday, January 28, 2015

For the Memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Doctor

[The following list is far from comprehensive]

About Him and His Works:
Works by St. Thomas Aquinas
For more works by St. Thomas Aquinas, see Thomas Aquinas' Works in English and Bibliography

I leave you with Fr. Barron's words on this towering figure of Catholic philosophy and theology:

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor and the Church's greatest theologian ... pray for us.

Pax Christi,


Laura H. said...

<3 I love St Thomas!! *sigh*

Annette M. Heidmann said...

This is *awesome*!! Thanks for putting this all together!

phatcatholic said...


Potamiaena said...

Thanks for this post. I loved listening to Fr Barron. I went to St. Thomas Aquinas in Dallas TX for K-8th, so St. Thomas is one of my special friends.

Blessings to you for your blog ministry!

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