Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Poll-Release Mon...err, Tuesday! (#40)

Since I didn't get much of a response regarding the daily content for 2008, I have decided to make it the poll for this week. Here is your new poll question:

Which daily content would you like to see here in 2008?
  • Keep "Daily with de Sales"
  • Switch to "Daily with G. K. Chesterton"
  • Switch to "Daily with Augustine"
  • Switch to "Daily with the Early Church Fathers"
Please vote in this because it will effect what you see here on a regular basis this year.

As for the previous poll ("What do you like the most about Christmas?"), here are the results:
  • Gathering with family and friends: 9 (35%)
  • Going to Mass: 9 (35%)
  • Egg nog...lots of egg nog: 2 (8%)
  • Putting the baby Jesus statue/figurine in the manger of your nativity set: 2 (8%)
  • Opening presents: 1 (4%)
  • Hearing the Christmas Music: 1 (4%)
Don't forget to vote in the poll in the sidebar.

Pax Christi,


Anonymous said...

as a catholic i don't hear much about the fathers of the church. i believe it is important that we do. for through them we can confirm our faith to be true. history of the church cannot be forgotten and should be always mentioned. i believe that many left the church for lack of info on the history of the church. and the church fathers are great examples of the history and confirmation that the CC is the true church. on my own church i hear priests citing examples of Godly men such as billy graham, martin luther others preachers from protestant faith. that is not a good thing to do. nothing against them but as catholic we need to learn about those from our own folds. tks God bless.

the Cogitator said...

I voted for De Sales because a) he's my patron saint, so I adore his counsel, and b) I am posting GKC quotes (and St. Augustine…and the Saints, via U. of Villanova sites), so I would find that material redundant. However, adding the early Fathers is excellent as well. It depends how you grab the quotes: from an online source, which I cold draw from as well in tandem with you, or from some printed matter in your own possession.

Loving Jesus thru Mary said...

I voted to keep St Francis de Sales. To me he is a theologian of the Heart and I think we need more of that. He has a profound simplicity that goes straight to the spirit/heart

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

rhapsody said...

I chose Chesterton, with De Sales a close second.

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