Monday, February 18, 2008

More on Clinton in Steubenville

To my great surprise, when I made this post, I was one of the first (if not the first) blog to break the story of Bill Clinton's visit to Steubenville and the protest that was organized by FUS students. For that, I received an "AmP Shout-Out" from the American Papist! Thanks Tom!

This story is actually receiving some pretty good coverage from major news sources and throughout the blogosphere. Apparently Bill, like John Kerry, couldn't take the heat. Here are several videos that provide all or part of Clinton's outburst. First, from YouTube:

Three different videos of the local news coverage all add a little bit more than what you see in the YouTube video. The first one shows the number of students protesting outside of the event (b/c they weren't allowed in). The second video shows a large sweep of the audience, and, at the end, two students praying the rosary with their back to the former president.

The third video gives reaction from Hillary supporters at the event. It also reports that there was in fact room for more people in the gymnasium, which is interesting considering that almost all of the FUS students were kept from entering because organizers said the event was full. I think they meant there was no room for protestors.

This video, from WRCB in Chattanooga is the clearest recording of the entire tirade.

For more news coverage from across the internet, see the following links:In case you're wondering, the protester who instigated Clinton's response was David Vogel, who, contrary to the implication made by most reports, is not an FUS student. See Jill Stanek's blog post for Vogel's reaction to what took place.

Pax Christi,


Laura H. said...

soooooo someone told me today that hillary is pro-life? haha. help! i'm so confused...

Anonymous said...

Lame. Clinton came to give a speech and talk to the people. The rude students from FUS came to be annoying and interrupt the rally. I was happy to hear the crowd shout them down and LOUDLY applaud slick willy. The only thing they accomplished was embarassing themselves. Hail Xenu.

phatcatholic said...

Well, you obviously weren't there, nor did you read my post very closely, or you would have known that it wasn't the FUS students that Clinton was responding to. The actual FUS students protested in, without saying a word.

Try to get the facts straight before you criticize something. The only think you accomplished was embarassing yourself.

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