Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Apologies

I feel like I should apologize to my readers for the lack of original content on this blog over the past two weeks. I really feel a sense of responsibility to you all, to make this blog as helpful and beneficial as it can possibly be. But, I guess I've been feeling a little burnt out here recently, b/c the "Daily Dose of Discernment" has been coming late and I don't even have a poll for this week!

Hopefully you all will hang with me through this down time. The spark of creativity and inspiration is never fully extinguished within me.

Pax Christi,


Little Sister said...

midterm exams coming soon for you? My projects are starting to pile up as well. Hope everything is okay.
~ Megan

phatcatholic said...

In grad school, you don't have exams as much as you have projects and big papers to write. So, yea, projects and papers....and a lot of reading.

Laudate Dominum said...

I met Matt tonight! We need to go get books this weekend. :-D

Btw, glad to see this post because I was starting to worry...

Ebeth said...


Just glad you are still tilling the soil! Don't worry about content ALL the time....just look at the pillars once in awhile!

Anyway, you are doing a wonderful service. I nominated you for best apologetics at the Catholic blogs award


BTW, we will be traveling to my father-in-law's funeral. Keep us in your prayers.

phatcatholic said...

You have my prayers!

The Retail Catholic said...

Keep the faith Brother! Your work here is exemplary and likely takes a lot out of you. It's only natural to take a breather. Let the rest of us use what we've learned from you to fight the good fight for a little while.

Tom Reagan said...

Only two weeks? Check out how long my content disappeared. :)

P.S. Which Brian told you about my site?

phatcatholic said...

I forget his last name. It's the Brian that is REALLY tall and does the pro-life work.

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